How to Pick Up Women

Pick Up Lines for Women

Have you ever noticed how different personalities can get away with different things.  You say damn if I did what this guy just did or said what he said I would get a dirty look, a slap in the face or they might even call the cops… if I did that.

It’s true different personalities can get away with different things some personalities can almost get away with murder.  But hey guess what you can get away with a great deal too.  And it’s easy to find out what you can get away with.  Just look over this list of lines and if you feel comfortable with it if you can see yourself saying it and even getting a laugh with it, and MOST importantly if you can see yourself having FUN with it then it works for you go with it.  Go through, mark off the lines you feel comfortable with and commit them to memory.

But why do you need a line?  Well you don’t but a lot of times it can break the ice or set a certain mood.  I mean what do you do if you are sitting somewhere and there is a smoking hot babe real close by.  She can be physically close but seem miles away if you don’t have a way to get things started if you don’t have an ice breaker.  You can always say something like can you pass the salt please which is unoriginal and doesn’t set much of a mood but it does break the ice (sort of).  It might actually be better to say it even funny and considered witty if there was no salt around, then you could openly say “I just wanted to break the ice,” and it might even get a laugh or at least a smile.

Go through all the lines and rate all the ones you like with a 1, 2 or a 3 depending on how much you like them.  Then you start to memorize all the ones and when you have them memorized then the twos then the threes.  The thing is if you have a whole slew of lines memorized and at the ready it will get your mind working that way and you will be able to come up with them on the spot.

Hey I just godda tell ya you fill out that thing (pants, dress, shirt, etc) nice.

That look works for you.

(women have a thing about shoes so never discount a line about shoes, women compliment each others shoes all the time) that’s the nicest pair of shoes I’ve seen in a long time.

While we’re at it don’t say a compliment unless you feel sincere about it you don’t have to we have plenty of material here.  ON THE OTHER HAND if you do sincerely like somethind then DEFINATELY do not pass up the opportunity to share it with her.  In fact it is your ethical responsibility to share it.  Literally.  And you should look at it that way.

When a beautiful woman sleeps alone it puts a shame on all men.

When a beautifulwoman has to touch herself it puts a shame on all men.  (and it truly does too so keep that in mind if you feel shy about approaching a beautiful woman if she has to sleep alone because you failed to make a move it not only shames you it shames all men so please to it for the rest of us we don’t feel like being shamed because you have some shyness thing going on so please at least try nobody will blame you if you if you try)

wow your eyes are as blue as window cleaner.

Hi I’m employed.

Perhaps you recognize me from adult movies.

Are you real or am I dreaming. Or I must be dreaming or are you real.

Hi I don’t believe I know you from anywhere.

Don’t we know each other from a past life?

We were destined to meet.

Hey little girl want some Vodka, a beer, some wine… No? how bout a high hard one?

Excuse me what are doing for the next 35 years or so?

I’ll give you a million dollars for you phone number (you should have one of those fake million dollar bills)

Did it hurt when you fell to earth? Since you’re an angle I know you had to fall from heaven.

I’m saving this chair for the nicest looking girl in the place would you like to sit down?

Could you check your purse I think you stole my heart.

I happen to know they are going to raid this place let’s get out of here.

I’m betting your last film was a huge success.

Want to come over for a drink?

Hey you, do you realize our children would be beautiful.

It’s too noisey let’s go into the closet so we can talk.

Sure the only thing you feel for me is loathing and disdain but we can build on it.

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