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Two young bucks with raging hormones looking for some action walk into a bar and notice it is filled up with older women and one guy says sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet this is gonna be easy pickins with some very experienced ladies that know how to please a man competing for us tonight (instead of the other way around for a change) and the other says yea and we are going to get all our drinks bought for us too eeeeeeehaaaaa jackpot.

If you are into older women you know there is a LOT of truth to this. If you think there is value in older women then you definitely know where it’s at.

Let me point out something about older women as explained by an older lady. As she put it, “you are exactly the SAME person you were when you were young except everything around you (your body) is aging which you can’t help. But other then that you are still the same person.”

It’s one of those statements that makes you think a little bit isn’t it? And there’s a lot of things you can read into it but let me take a crack at it. If you would like to meet mature women but feel intimidated by their age don’t be it’s exactly like she said, she’s exactly the same as when she it’s only that her body changed which she can’t help. If she would have been attracted to you when she was young she will be attracted to you when she is old.

When you get old and gray do you think the gorgeous young beautiful women are no longer going to look beautiful to you? Of course they will. Well it’s no different for older women. And there’s nothing they would love more then to have some young buck or not so young guy approach them. On the contrary they know their bodies are getting old (and less appealing to the opposite sex so they think) (if you have out of control raging hormones interested in only one thing and that one thing is still working fine that’s all that matters right?) and they are thrilled to be approached by the opposite sex. And they usually make it VERY obvious. Which is another great thing about older women they don’t mess around at all they don’t mind being real obvious about things. Which is fantastic.

The point is don’t hesitate for a second to meet mature women when you get the opportunity.

Let me share with you my very first experience with meeting and older women. I was in my 20s and I knew a beautiful older woman (I had taken out her niece when I met her and when her niece had to go back home I still had the older lady’s phone #) and I didn’t care if she was older as I had out of control raging hormones but I knew (or rather I “thought” she would have a problem with the age difference) and so I was embarrassed to call her. And when I finally mustered up the nerve and made the call sure enough one of the first things out of her mouth was, “I’m old enough to be your mother” and she was. But she dropped that point real quick and what started coming out of her mouth were very open things that I never heard come out of a young ladies mouth. It was so aggressive I was sure she was just teasing me. Within one hour I was at her house and found out she was NOT teasing me. And boy she was appreciative, honored, and over joyed that some young buck still found her appealing. And she was a beautiful older woman can you imagine?

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Oh another thing about this story, she was an elementary school teacher that you would think would be pure and innocent wow.

Oh prior to me calling her I had only met her for a few seconds while picking up her niece (who was here on vacation from Canada). So I had never really talked to her, been out with her or spent a dime on her before I called. Can you imagine even calling someone under those conditions yet look what happened when I did. This sweet little old elementary school teacher was a barracuda on the phone and she lived up to it when I arrived in person. Older women don’t mess around believe me you want to meet mature women. Opt in I will see you on the other side where we can talk more.

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