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Meet Black Women

There’s a saying that once you go black you will never go back. I happen to believe there is a lot of truth in this saying and if you’ve ever had the extreme pleasure you know what I’m talking about.

If you want to meet black women it is just the same as meeting white women with only one exception. It’s about ten thousand times easier.

Black women are friendlier and more approachable. You can be sitting near a black lady and say hi to them and they will say hi back. You can look at them and they will look back usually with a friendly expression but sometimes with a suspicious look. But the suspicion is not because they are worried you are hitting up on them but rather they are worried you are a raciest. But all their suspicion dissolves as soon as you say hi because now you are not raciest you fall into the category of hitting up on them and that’s the okay category.

A white woman in the same scenario will… well who knows what they will do. They might roll their eyes, look at you like you are garbage, they may show fear, annoyance, they may even call the police, who knows. Enough said about the white women let’s go back to the nicer subject of black women.

Black women know what makes men tick and they don’t have a problem with it. They are open to advances. You can flirt with a black woman and she may reject you or she may flirt back but in both cases she will be smiling about it and she will be in communication with you.

And in any case you won’t be a piece of garbage rather you are just a male, a normal red blooded male. They understand that and they won’t be uptight about it like their white counterpart.

Are you getting some idea why they say black is where it’s at? Meet black women and find out why. They are hot, sexy and fun and once you go black you may never come back.

Start out with a hi and see how easy it is. If they say hi back you can be real bold and say something like, “how’s it going?” if they smile but roll their eyes let it go, they know where you are coming from and it’s okay with them but don’t go pushing it.

But on the other hand don’t be at all surprised when they give you a friendly answer. If so don’t be afraid to continue, they let you know they are friendly and approachable so continue. To fail to do so at this point would be rude and I know you don’t want to be rude to a beautiful black lady that is being friendly to you. So don’t let me down. More importantly don’t let her down.

And one last point for what it’s worth, blacks are usually pretty coordinated and athletic which can be a nice benefit as well.

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