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Picking Up Girls

Hi, thanks for checking out this site.  I want to introduce you to this site and about picking up girls.

First of all maybe you might think it is a little bit sinister or even a little bit sleazy going to a place to learn about how to pick up girls.  It’s not exactly what you would want your mom to know.  You would probably feel a little embarrassed to tell her you are learning how to pick up girls.

But let’s take another look.  The reason why you even have a mother, the reason you are even here today is because somebody (your father) picked up your mother.  They might not describe it that way they might say they “met” but what’s the difference.  If that word “met” makes everybody feel more comfortable then just use that word instead of “picking up girls.”  I could go on further but I’m guessing you get the point.

Basically everybody that’s married today is married because someone picked up someone else and in fact even if you have the most honorable of intentions and you want to get married you will still have to go through the process of picking up a girl first.  You can not bypass that step.  One way or another whether you like it or not if you want to get married or have a girlfriend you will have to go through the process of picking her up first.

In other words there is nothing sleazy about picking up girls (except maybe your intentions behind it, which we can cover at another time).  But if someone frowns on, or gives you a hard time about learning how to pick up girls just ask them how else are you supposed to get a girlfriend or a wife?  If they have another solution then go for it.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to think of this site as something sleazy or that I’m sleazy or that you are sleazy because you want to better yourself in this art of picking up girls or shall we say more euphemistically (a word used in place of a word which is more direct, harsh, etc) “meeting” the opposite sex.

Don’t you want to have a wife or at least a girlfriend preferably a pretty one. Of course you do it’s better then living alone for the rest of your life. Learning to pick up girls is not a nice thing to know it is a vital necessity for survival.

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